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Cerynitii is a first person puzzle exploration adventure game for the PC, inspired by great games such as Myst, Quern, The Witness and many others. Currently, Cerynitii is on the Windows platform and it is still in the early development stage.

The game uses Unreal Engine 4, which is considered by many gamers and game developers as the most capable gaming engine in terms of graphics and realism.

Cerynitii takes you to an adventure on a distant island, where you have to solve puzzles and explore new areas while the story slowly unravels. The whole experience is meant to be a calm, peaceful and soothing adventure. This is greatly reflected in the game art design, color palette, choice of sound effects, and the story as well.

The game art is greatly inspired by the beautiful architecture of The Santorini Island and the serene beauty of Moroccan and Damascus houses. Colors and materials are chosen carefully to match the feel and mood of the game.

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