Progress Update

Hi everyone!

Wow! A long time has passed since the last update I published on Cerynitii. I think the COVID pandemic affected us all. But do not worry though, Cerynitii is still a valid project although the release date has been pushed due to a number of reasons, one of these reasons is the fact that there is another puzzle game being currently developed for the Android platform, but the main reason is that it was decided to make the Cerynitii experience even bigger and richer (say three or four times bigger!) and this is taking even more time than was previously planned as many things were taken back to the drawing board.

Cerynitii will have a much deeper story, better visual and sound effects, many many more puzzles and many more areas and locations to discover and enjoy.

Another reason is that Cerynitii may use “lumen”, the new real-time lighting method in Unreal Engine 5 which can provide more versatile lighting effects, but a decision to make this shift will require some time to experiment with the new tools in UE5 and its impact on performance.

So rest assured that you will experience the serene adventure you have been looking forward to, and stay tuned for any future updates!


Progress update

Hi everyone! Work on Cerynitii is still going on. The game’s blueprints have been being reworked from the ground up during the past couple of months and this stage is nearly done. Once the blueprints are taking their mature form, works will continue adding more content, meshes, levels, and puzzles. The game will take longer than originally planned because it was decided to make it bigger with more puzzles and locations. For the meantime, check out this short video clip at Cerynitii’s Twitter page.

Manual focusing spyglass

Check out this video clip at our Twitter page, showing a mechanism for a zooming spyglass where you can manually change the focus. The focusing effects are looking quite nice so far. Works are being done on other blueprints as well, making them more efficient and easier to work with. Don’t forget to follow and like.

Progress update

Hi adventure gaming fans, have not posted for quite some while now but works are being done quietly refining bits here and there and making new blueprints. Check out this short video clip at our Twitter page showing a blueprint made recently for opening and viewing books. Other blueprints are being done too for other game mechanics including doors, locks, inventory items, and many others.

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New screenshots added to the gallery!

Hi everyone! A selection of the screenshots which were uploaded earlier to the Instagram and Twitter pages have been added to the gallery. Hope you like them!

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Cerynitii featured at PushStartPlay

Cerynitii has been featured in an article at push start play

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